Hi! I'm Julia.

I’m a creative life and business coach for millennial women.  Like so many of my peers, I’m multi-passionate and dedicated to creating a fulfilling and empowered lifestyle that allows me to feel creatively fulfilled and have a positive impact on my community.

I graduated from Saint Louis University in 2012, where I studied Theatre and Creative and Professional Writing. Since then, I’ve been pretty busy…

I learned about arts and culture from years of being a professional actress and a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild.  I love being a part of and watching live theatre in my vibrant theatre community.  I also love acting in films and commercials- my favorite memory was acting in a scene with Florence Henderson, aka Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch, in the movie Bad Grandmas.

I learned about customer service and branding from working in sales (my official title was Muse!) at Kate Spade New York.  Even though I frequently spent my entire paycheck on fabulous shoes and handbags, I also learned the ins and outs of developing an amazing client base, and the value in positioning yourself as an expert.

I learned about details from working in the event industry, especially in event entertainment.  Highlights include: being a singing birthday party princess for over five years, frequently dressing up as Marilyn Monroe and singing Happy Birthday to many guests of honor, and being a wardrobe girl for the Chippendales (it’s everything you think it would be, but way weirder).

I learned about entrepreneurship from starting my own business.  My sister and I run Cloud Nine STL, a gourmet cotton candy event service located in St. Louis. I understand the highs and lows of starting and operating a unique business, as well as how to build a solid and recognizable brand.  Two years in, and we’re still going strong.

Even though I’ve had a blast doing all these things, I couldn’t ignore that something deep inside of me felt off. Constant business and having a crazy schedule couldn’t cover up the lack of true empowerment that I felt. I was always on other people’s time, celebrating someone else’s milestone, competing for the next job, or (my personal favorite) listening to people talk about me like I wasn’t in the room with them. I loved the things I was doing, but I was also kind of miserable.

After some major personal struggles, my life changed when I had the opportunity to spend five weeks traveling around Europe.  For the first time in years, I felt happy and free. Taking time to get really curious about things outside of myself allowed me to form stronger connections, be my boldest and bravest self, and see what it would be like to actually live my life through making conscious, strong, deliberate choices.

When I got home, I started working with a life coach, and went through a pretty intense period of self-discovery and change. I knew that it was important to me to find a career that allowed me to connect with other women and support them through their transitions and celebrate their successes. After getting clear on what would make me become the best version of myself, I was ready to take the next step.

I chose to invest in myself, and I signed up to study life coaching at the Rayner Institute, a coaching certification program based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada.  I fell in love with their program and their focus on creating a safe, empowering environment to develop both personally and professionally.   Currently, I’m finishing my training to become Associate Certified Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. I love every second of learning, communicating, and supporting my clients.