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Julia Crump Executive Coach Confidence Coach

Hi! I’m Julia.

Hi, I’m Julia Crump! I’m a certified Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator, and I help women make space for their dreams and give them the tools to lead their most confident, authentic lives.

I currently live in St. Louis, where I also work as an actress and beauty executive for a major cosmetics company.

When I’m not working, you can find me scouting the best deals on airfare, taking Latin dance classes, and buying more office supplies than anyone could ever possibly need.

Here is what I value…

PRESENCE: Showing up in the world, confidently and courageously as yourself.  Feeling brave enough to let yourself be seen by those around you. 

CONFIDENCE: Understanding your talents and abilities, developing them and utilizing them. Pursuing new opportunities with the firm belief that you will succeed.

AUTHENTICITY: Swiftly navigating the pressures of society to remain true to your own personal core values. Passionately pursuing your interests, and sharing your findings with the world.

Here is what I do

I work with intelligent, passionate, talented women ready to explore and enter the next phase in their life, career, or business. They are tired of more of the same, and understand the cost of staying where they currently are. They are ready to make the bold leap, uplevel their current situation, and discover what makes them happy.

I help to facilitate their journey of personal growth and discovery by supporting them and teaching the tools they need to move forward.  Together, we set clear goals while building the strong boundaries we need to get there.

I encourage women to increase their presence and visibility at home, in the workplace, and in the world. Together we can strategize and execute the best ways to increase the impact they have in the world. 

My journey to coaching

Two of my life passions are communication and personal development, and I love having the opportunity to explore these daily. I’ve been lucky to enjoy a many-faceted career, beginning as a professional actress working in film and live theatre.  I’ve worked on everything from indie films to commercials, musical theatre to Shakespeare. Acting has taught me so much about the fundamental aspects of being human, and how to relate to anyone. I’m a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and have served on the board since 2018.

A few years ago, my sister and I started a gourmet cotton candy event service called Cloud Nine STL. Launching and running a business was an amazing (and amazingly challenging!) experience, but the lessons I learned from that period of my life have stuck with me to this day. My sister runs the company now, and is doing a great job bringing cotton candy to the special events in St. Louis.

I currently work as an Account Executive for Estee Lauder Companies, tying together my passion for skincare, beauty, business, and education. I love to coach and develop my teams to meet their business and personal goals. 

I am passionate about coaching because I have personally experienced the amazing impact of working with a life and executive coach. Helping women to grow is what lights me up, because I understand how important it is to find clarity and take steps forward to live the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Individual sessions are available now. Complete 1:1 and group coaching programs coming soon. 

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